About The Teashop

The  OLD  THATCH  TEASHOP   is  over  300  years  old and  dates   back to the  1600's. 
It is believed that it was originally built as two, maybe three, Fisherman's Cottages.

All the Thatched Cottages in the Old Village of Shanklin were interlinked by tunnels and legend has it that the Fishermen 'Smugglers' would dodge through the tunnels so as not to get caught as, of course, smuggling, although the main source of income on the Island in those days, was against the law!

By the mid 1800's The Old Thatch became Shanklin's first Post Office, Library, Bookshop, House Agent and Agent for Anchor Life Insurance.  At that time Shanklin had a population of less than 300.

In the 1940's The Old Thatch went through another major change when it was converted into a Teashop which it has continued up to the present day.  We still make all our Homemade Scones, Traditional Fare & Desserts using the original Aga Ovens